50,000 USDC to be won on Nebeus

Hello, dear Nebeus users,
We are giving away 50,000 USDC worth of prizes. Each user that exchanges more than $500 on Nebeus, will receive a prize of 50 USDC.
What do you need to exchange for the offer to be applicable?
You need to exchange more than $500 worth of any currency in any trading pair. This can be a one-time exchange or a cumulation of multiple trades.
Can I win more than 50 USDC if I trade more?
This offer is only limited to one 50 USDC win.
What is the offer period?
11/11/21, 6:00 PM CET, until 11/12/21, 6:00 PM CET.
When will the prizes be paid out?
You will receive your prize directly into your Nebeus USDC account, a maximum of one week after the end of the offer period.
We will share the results of the number of prizes won at the end of the offer period.
Happy trading ;)
The Nebeus Team
Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investments are subject to high market risk. Nebeus does not carry any direct or indirect responsibility for consequential losses resulting from this prize offer.