How to transfer funds from your Money to your Crypto Account?

Your crypto account is now connected to your money account and vice versa, simplifying many crypto processes: You can receive money into your IBAN account, use Nebeus just like your traditional bank, and instantly send funds to your crypto account to invest. 1. Log in to your account from the mobile app or browser.
2. Go to Accounts --> Money Account
3. Select the currency and click or tap on it -->
4. Click or tap on Send.
5. Click or tap To Crypto Account.
The fee to send to your Crypto Account will depend on your Money Account plan. You may find our limits and fees in this article.
6. Enter the amount you want to send and click or tap on Get Confirmation Code to get a SMS or email.
7. The funds will be transferred to your crypto account immediately. If there is an issue during the transfer please contact support.