How Digital assets are stored on Nebeus Vault?

Customer Digital assets are stored in qualified, insured cold storage custody at BitGo Trust Company—a regulated Trust Company under the Division of Banking in South Dakota.
Cold storage assets are held in segregated accounts, insured and secured by BitGo’s battle-tested and peer-reviewed multi-signature security.
We receive quarterly account statements and risk assessments. BitGo Trust is regularly audited by a governing body and required to meet rigorous standards for capitalization, anti-money laundering procedures, confidentiality, auditing, reporting, and storage.
Assets held in BitGo’s qualified custody at BitGo Trust are covered by BitGo’s $250 million policy when all private keys are held by BitGo Trust or BitGo, Inc.

Assets are covered in the event of:

  • Third-party hacks of cold-storage environment
  • Copying or theft of private keys
  • Dishonest acts by BitGo employees
  • Loss of key material due to natural disasters